Immigration waves to the USA

Watch, listen and fill in the blanks with a continent, part of the world, cardinal point, country or nationality

Exercise runs from the beginning to [00:02:48]

Original video source from The Internet Archive -"Prelinger Archives"

We , in , are immigrants or the children of immigrants. We are one people but a people welded from many nations and races.
People who came to during a vast migration from to other parts of the world.
In this migration, millions of left their homelands to settle in new countries across the seas. Almost 2 thirds of them came to the .

[1789] Our population numbered just below 4 million. Each symbol here represents half a million people. Most of our people were of origin but they were and many as well as , , a great many Negroes and others.

[1820-1890] The era of the great migration from began about 1820. During the following 70 years, immigrants came from and in growing numbers.

The earliest waves brought people from and , from and nearby countries. Later, the joined the migration from the and of .

Then, in the 80s from the and they came, as the migration fever spread deeper into .
During this period too came immigrants from the Orient.

The century following 1820 saw migration as and crossed the in considerable numbers.
People from the settled chiefly in the Far .

[1891 and 1920 ] The flow of immigration reached its peak between 1891 and 1920. During these years, a tremendous movement set in from the countries of and . Many still came from the and but many more came from , , , , and the Peninsula.

But what were the people behind the symbols?
What were their motives and hopes?